Success Factors

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. – Henry Ford

For more than 15 years, Larsen Manufacturing has served as a trusted leader in the world of metal manufacturing. Our mission is to provide today’s top technology, innovation, and quality that drives value and success for our clients by allowing them to focus on their strategic business objectives.

Today Larsen serves hundreds of companies from smaller start-up businesses with less than fifty employees, to large international companies with thousands of employees spanning the globe. We continue to grow and be a leader in the industry because of our belief in continuous improvement in working towards exceeding our customer’s expectations through: Product Leadership, World Class Service, and by striving to be an Employer of Choice.

Product Leadership

Larsen Manufacturing is committed to Product Leadership- delivering the highest quality to all of our clients, ahead of the competition, and on a consistent basis.

We know that new services are essential to business growth. They help us to better meet the needs of those we serve, as we attract new clients and grow and strengthen our relationship with our existing clients. Our products and services provide tangible solutions that differentiate us from our competitors.

Larsen’s product offerings include: Precision Stamping, Fabrication, Specialty Machining and Weldments, Prototyping, WAND Depaneling, & Tooling solutions.

Larsen Manufacturing product leadership not only requires a sustained, company wide commitment from us, but also is one of the key elements for our future success.

World Class Service

Larsen Manufacturing is committed to World Class Service. It is at the core of our service philosophy and is a vital aspect to maintaining strong, consistent, and loyal relationships with our customers.

At Larsen we identify World Class Service as a journey towards continuous improvement, and believe that by keeping this attribute top of mind, we allow ourselves the best opportunity to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, always. This challenge is continuously reviewed to ensure our vision aligns with the needs of our customers (external and internal).

Larsen’s commitment to World Class Service begins with our first impression made with our sales team meeting with the customer. It then continues on through the production process, through delivery and finally with quality application. World Class Service is truly a combination of everything we do to create a client relationship that lasts.

Employer of Choice

Exceptional associates help Larsen Manufacturing to succeed.

Larsen’s continued success can be attributed to our ability to attract, motivate, invest, and retain exceptionally talented employees that have expertise and experience in the diverse business units we offer.

Our goal is to attract and retain employees who have the skills, shared vision, as well as a commitment to service excellence that can help us compete (and continue to win) in both the local and global marketplace.

Larsen Manufacturing has made a promise and investment in becoming an Employer of Choice by creating a company culture that positively contributes to our employee’s satisfaction.